Monday, February 26, 2007

*Making Your Own Scallops*

No, not the food type (yuck!).

For those who want a scalloped edge but don't have scallop scissors, you can create your own scalloped edges. I do mine with the Small Corner Rounder (take off the plastic corner guide) and others use the SU Slit Punch. I prefer the corner rounder as it takes the pieces off the bottom... whereas the slit punch, on a larger piece, would leave you with a reverse effect.

You can see how the two differ in shape and functionality below...

This first one is using the slot or slit punch. To get the rounded edge effect, you need to push the punch as far in to the cardstock as you can... but as you can see, it only works for a thinner strip. By using it on the edge of the cardstock you get a different result. I also find it difficult sometimes to move the punch along without ripping my cardstock.

This one shows you the results of using the corner rounder. I find it much easier to line up and like the shape and size of the scallop more.

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