Saturday, February 24, 2007

*Do You Use Firefox?*

Do you use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser? Do you have a tonne of blogs you visit daily?

If you answered yes, check out the Sage Feed Reader. I downloaded it (rather sceptically) a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!

You add blog feeds to sage as you're going through them one day. They are then saved in your Sage Browser. You can then click on a button and Sage will go through and find which of your favourite blogs have new postings and highlight them. You then click on the highlighted blog and you can read posts in the Sage Reader or you can go directly to the blog from here too. Saves a lot of time from clicking on blogs with no updates!


Jackie said...

Have you had any trouble with Sage now showing any text in the blogs that are farther down in the list? I used it for a month or so, but kept accumulating blogs and last week when I got more than halfway down the list all it would show was the titles and no text or photos. So I went to the Google Reader and so far none of those issues have popped up. Sage was great, it's a shame it pooped out on me.

Nancy said...

I've been using it about a month now, with over 100 blogs in it and haven't had any problems yet. I prefer it's interface to Google Reader (which I tried first and gave up on after a week).

Some blogs only show the titles... then I click on them and the post pops up.