Thursday, March 01, 2007

*Inspiration Turned Challenge*

I get inspriation from all sorts of places lately. Especially for colour combinations. I was watching the TV Show "What I Like About You" the other day while crafting and the older sister (her name is Val) was wearing the colour combination I decided to use. Creamy Caramel (her pants), Cameo Coral and Whisper White (her striped sweater).

Here's the card I came up with.

This card has been sitting on my crafting table for days as it needed something. I just wasn't pleased with it. I finally decided to add the white sheer ribbon with some silver cord. That right side was just so empty. Nothing else looked even close to "right" for this card. Not that this is "right" but it is as close as I could get.

I cut out a tonne of these flowers from Doodle This. My idea for this card was so much more than what it actually turned out as... I thought I'd make 10 of them. I made 2.

Perhaps I should have made it a smaller square card instead.

I added some bling to the card with clear Stickles.... in the centres of the flowers, the centres of each of the petals and the dots of the flourish.

Not a card I'm overly proud of... but I thought I'd share anyway!


Jennifer R said...

Hi Nancy. May I suggest that you adhere a 1 inch strip of white cardstock,with a half inch strip of cameo coral centered on this, right under the ribbon. This will result in a few more layers that should balance with the left hand side. I think your card just needs a bit more "activity"(?). Even layering a sentiment and placing it on the right side will add to it. Just a thought after having a quick glance at it.
Love the colours!

Cindy Keery said...

I love that you used an outfit for your inspiration - how cool! And the results are very pretty! It's a color combo I wouldn't have thought of, but it looks great!

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Nancy,

I think this is a very pretty card. I love the doodle flowers...very elegant. I like the ribbon that you chose, but Jennifer also had a nice idea with a couple strips of layered paper under the ribbon. We're never happy with our own cards, though. We're always our worst critic. I think your card is gorgeous, just the way it is, though! :) Great colours. I love brown with so many different colours. They say chocolate brown is the new black... lol :)

Have a great day!


julie Phillips said...

I LOVE that little flower. I would buy that set just for that one flower but..... you know the budget thingy, too many other rubbah items on my wish list! TFS