Saturday, March 10, 2007

*Pink and Brown Paisley*

A beautiful weekend here.... supposed to hit somewhere between 10*C and 20*C (depends on which weather forecast you read) tomorrow. Of course, we're expecting high winds with that warm temperature so it won't be nearly as nice... but the snow is melting and that makes me happy!

I got to have a small visit with my Mom on Thursday afternoon... she was heading home from her trip to Mesa Arizona where she spent 10 days with her brother. She had a 3 hour layover here so we met her at the airport for an early dinner. She looked so good with the colour on her face (although really... what grown woman goes to a ball game in shorts and a tank top in Arizona with no tan to speak of without wearing sunscreen???). This was the trip my sister and I gave Mom for Christmas.... and I think it was a hit! Welcome Home Mom!

So, on to the card. Those of you who know me, know a couple of things about my cardmaking... 1. I don't have a thing for paisley (I think I'm one of the minority here) and 2. I don't know that I like pink and brown together. So hold on to your hats because this card may come as a shock!!

There you have it.... that dark colour is *not* black, it Chocolate Chip. And yes, that is Pretty in Pink that is paired with it. I started with the scrapbooking paper... not sure why I bought it since i don't like pink and brown, but I bought it. I added some Certainly Celery to my paisley to tie in the rest of the colours in the paper.

There are bling gems in the centres of the flowers on the paisley images. Not sure if you can really see it or not, but the word "friendship" is stamped in white ink along the bottom. I added some pink and brown grosgrain ribbon along the side.

Now, don't fall over... but I think I might actually kinda sorta maybe like this card. I know... real definitive on that one. I might even maybe play with pink and brown again. And I think I will more than likely use my Polka Dots and Paisley set again.

Yup, I'm decisive! Don't want to get your hopes up in case I never do it again!!

Have a fantabulous Saturday!


Peggy Maier said...

Wow! that is really strange seeing that you don't like paisley/pink & brown. This is a really cute card. You did a good job.

Tracy.H said...

Even out of your comfort zone, you still produce an amazing card! I love it!!

Shannon said...

I'm with you Nancy not sure if I like the paisley and not sure if I like pink and brown together. However, I have been so much amazing stuff done with it - I am convinced it is what I need to try next.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Even if you called me Steph.

Louise said...

I don't know you personally but I must say that as soon as I opened up your blog and saw this card I thought, "wow! paisleys AND chocolate chip paper!!" *wink* So... you did make that quite clear awhile back & we are amazed that you are "stretching yourself" - I think it's a nice card & pink & brown (also bashful blue & choc chip) are popular colours right now!

Shanismom said...

The card is beautiful.Pink is my favorite color so anything color with pink, i just think it's a beautiful match. love it.