Friday, March 09, 2007

*We have WINNERS!!*

A very big thank you to everyone who has come to visit my blog in the last couple of days and another big thank you to the 20o+ people who left comments on my Blog Yum Post!!!

I put all the numbers on to slips of paper and then had each of my sons (who are off school today) to draw a number.

Winner of the large Blog Yum prize, shown in the post below is comment #142....

leenda (LINDA): "Congrats on your blog success!! My name is Linda & my favorite show is 24!"

And the winner of the 2nd Blog Yum prize, shown here....

is comment #175....

Terry Molineux: "My name is Terry Molineux and my favorite show is: do I really have a one favorite.....I am a soap opera this is hard but of all the story lines.....I think right now I love YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS."

CONGRATULATIONS ladies! Please email me at nancy at elrick dot ca with your addresses and I'll pop these into the mail asap!

Thanks to everyone for playing!


Terry Molineux said...

OMG Nancy thanks so much! I have never won anything let alone something on all these awesome blogs....I have been reading them for some time now and entering every contest I can....thank you thank you....cannot wait to receive it...I will be stalking my mailman until it does...thanks for making my day...Maybe this will be a GOOD LUCK day. I have a workshop today and really need some bookings Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Inky Hugs,

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Congrats gals...have fun with your goodies!!!

leenda said...

WOW Nancy! I'm turning cartwheels! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll probably not be able to sleep tonight!!