Sunday, April 22, 2007

*I've Been Tagged, Again*

I've been tagged by Allison to list seven facts about myself... and then to tag 7 others.... this is not a popularity contest so I'll be tagging my 7 by choosing people who have left comments on my blog in the last little bit.

Here are my facts:
*Starting in the fall of 2000, I did Weight Watchers and lost a total of 63 pounds by the middle of summer in 2001. I have kept off most of that weight, but after becoming a member of the "Dead Dad's Club" last year, I find myself with about 20 pounds to lose.

*I was married at the tender age of 20 (6 weeks before my 21st birthday) and on my honeymoon in Florida I was unable to drink or drive the rental car because I was too young. Bruce and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary in June.

*I had breast reduction surgery in 1992, bringing myself from an overflowing D cup to a comfortable C. Two babies later, my breasts are back up to a D cup, but I am more comfortable with their size now than I was in my 20s.

*I only drink diet pop. I can't stand the syrup-y feeling of full sugared drinks. I will even order a Diet Coke float (with ice cream in it) instead of a regular Coke one. Yes, I am one of those people who goes to McDonald's and orders a Quarter Pounder, Supersize Fries and a Diet Coke.

*I am my own worst critic. I am so hard on myself for so many things. My appearance, my abilities as a wife, my creativity, my weight, my duties as a daughter and sister, my parenting.... If I had a friend who treated me this badly, we wouldn't be friends anymore.

*When I was growing up, all I could dream of being was a teacher. I even started my degree right after high school (but truth be told, I am a terrible student). I realize now that dropping out of the Education program (never did finish a University degree) was the right decision... not only was I wasting time and money, but I don't honestly like kids all that much. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my kids and I enjoy kids... but I don't think I'd want to be with them all day as my full time job. Teachers deserve so much more credit than they get I think!

*I love french fries. I could eat french fries every single day (and some weeks, I have them most days!). I like fries with just salt on them. Or salt and vinegar. Or dipped in ranch dressing. Or speared on my fork with a nice juicy piece of steak. Or baked in the oven with cheese and bacon on them. Or sometimes with gravy to dip them in (love gravy at A&W). And we wonder why Nancy has a problem with her weight!

And I hereby TAG the following bloggers... Starr, Cindy, Tracy, Shannon, Jana, Jen, and Laura


Jen said...

Glad you were pleased that I CASE'd your flower/oval punch!! It really is da bomb!!!

And I am working on my tagging....

Shannon said...

Thanks Nancy.

I'll get the tag up sometime today. I have to clean the stamp room and organize things in my new shelf before Ian gets home as it was my promise of the weekend.

Next time I'll come get you for the SP night. I could have taken a non-member guest but I didn't think to ask anyone!

Toni said...

I can say "me too" to five of the seven facts about you! Interesting!

Jennifer R said...

Hi Nancy, seems we women have a lot in common. In my case however, I'm still waiting for Some "Boobs" (LOL) to happen.
Yes, you are hard on yourself. YOu are very pretty, a good mom, wife and artist! Bravo to you!! Jennifer

Heather said...

This comment: I am my own worst critic... If I had a friend who treated me this badly, we wouldn't be friends anymore. could describe me too! Thanks for sharing something very personal