Saturday, April 28, 2007

*Someone Elses' Stuff Satuday!*

Yup, I came up with a catchy name for today since I am sharing stuff that I didn't create! hee hee.

Yes, I know I am strange.

Many of you may recall that I placed an order for 7500 Chipboard Coasters several weeks ago and offered them to people to buy off of me. See, I wanted about 300 coasters, but Canada Coaster only sells them in batches of 2500. The majority of the people who I sold the coasters to were in Calgary or the surrounding area and they were able to pop by my house to pick up their coasters. A few of the girls even gave me a card which totally made my day!

Here are three that I received.... no idea on materials used (I know some of the stuff is Stampin' Up!), but I thought you'd like to see the beautiful cards that Laura, Hetty and Helen put together for me.

I also received some RAKs (Random Act of Kindness) from some gals on the Splitcoast Stampers Blogger RAK List. I believe all of the stuff used on these cards (except the polka dot ribbon) is Stampin' Up!

The card on the left is from Crystal. The card on the right actually holds Post-It Notes and it's from Angie.

And finally this card arrived yesterday from Louise. She is a member of the Splitcoast Stampers RAK Club. This is different than the Blogger RAK Club as this one is open to anyone on Splitcoast who wants to send RAKs (and the other is only for those who have Blogs).

There is nothing like getting beautiful hand-made creations in your mail. Love it!

Thanks so much everyone!! Your kindness has brightened my days!


Quilt Nut said...

beautiful cards to recieve

BeverleyClaire said...

Nancy these cards are you have any more of the coasters for sale...and how much are they.