Friday, April 27, 2007

*Another Tent Topper*

I was quite surprised to find out when making my first tent topper card that the 3 Bugs in a Rug paper didn't have multiple circles of the same size on the sheet... so instead of making two the same, I had to pull out a sheet of my blue and green coloured patterned paper to make the second card.

The card base is Whisper White, but I added a black layer to make it all pop out a little more. The big black dot in the centre of the paper design also needed some livening up so I added a Making Memories bling brad to the centre.

In other Nancy News, I went to the gym twice this week. First time was Monday... haven't been in a long time and I managed to really stress the muscles in my thighs. Had a hell of a time trying to walk the last few days. My legs started to feel better yesterday and I went back for another workout today.

Last week at Tae Kwon Do the kids and I tested for our new belts. We started taking Tae Kwon Do together in the fall and all three of us enjoy it. Belt order goes white, yellow, green stripe, green, blue stripe, blue, red stripe, red, black stripe, black. We started as White Belts in the fall, tested at Christmas to become yellow belts. The boys both passed their test and are now green stripes. I (and my girlfriend Kelly) managed to "double jump" our belts... our test marks were high enough that we skip the green stripe and go to green belt. We are currently green stripes until we learn the green stripe pattern and then we will move on to learn the stuff we'll need to know as Green Belts. Very exciting indeed! Kelly's son Tyler told me at lunch yesterday "I think Mr. Arden was just taking it easy on the old ladies". Rotten kid!

Have a great weekend!


Sheila aka Lagouchie said...

Nancy...well tell Tyler that you are hardly an old lady! Kids are so funny!! Congrads on the belt "skip" and also for making it to the gym!

Michelle said...

I really love these colors!

Tracy.H said...

Wow! Love this one, Nancy!


beate said...

Love the paper and the card!