Saturday, June 02, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

... on a Saturday. In my excitement to finally be able to share my Page Maps Contest Entry with you yesterday (I made that card in early April I think!), I completely didn't think about the fact that it was Friday! Duh!

So, I'm going to do Flashback Friday on a Saturday!

This card was made sometime before 2003 as it is in my "older cards" file instead of the "2003 cards" file. I still have that Congratulations stamp.

This technique is called Serendipity. I used to teach it at a local stamp store. To do it, I took a piece of black cardstock and I randomly glued different sizes and shapes of different papers on to the cardstock. I filled most of the space of the black cardstock. Once dry, I cut the cardstock into squares and mixed them up. I then arranged the number I wanted onto a layering piece (in this case brushed gold) and then onto the card. I also did a thin strip along the edge of the card.

This was one of my favourite techniques for a while... except for the gluing part. I really hate glue LOL!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Cindy Keery said...

I totally forgot about that technique! Thanks for the flash back.