Sunday, June 03, 2007

*I Challenge You*

.... and this one is easy!

I know that most people with blogs will say they are doing it for themselves. To have a record of their lives and creativity. But I think that everyone, no matter who you are, likes to have a little validation.

So, I challenge you.... in your blurfing* today and every Sunday, take a minute or two to comment on the creations that catch your eye. I know that some days I have time to go through my favourite blogs but not always the energy or time to comment. I feel like I've done a good deed when I comment on posts... I know I like seeing comments on the posts I do, so I'm sure others must enjoy it to!

You never know... someone else might read this post today and post a comment on your blog!

(I love that term for Blog Surfing that I learned from Allison)


scrappintrish said...

I agree. I have about 60 people in my Reader. Not everyone write everyday but when I wake up in the morning I usually have about 45 or more Blogs to read. I read them, but hardly ever comment! I have the time, I just don't. I need to start :)

Charlene Weaver said...

Thanks for the reminder Nancy. I do tend to just read everything and keep my comments to myself. Much better to share . . .I sure appreciate it when I get commentd (especially since I am new at this). Have a good week Nancy.

Allison said...

Good idea Nancy...I usually try to do this at least once a week since it's hard to keep on top of everyone! (Whoa, that sounded naughty!)

Shannon said...

Great idea Nancy.

Mo Moss said...

I do try to comment most of the time. Especially when I like something such as the color combination, sketches, and presentation. I do read my mail early in the day before I have to do errands, clean, stamp or whatever. I will do even more, now that you mentioned it.

Vicki said...

This is very true and I love your challenge idea!! It's a super idea and I will take you up on this!! I find it VERY hard to comment most of the time, but I really try and do that!! So thanks! :)

Pattyjo said...

I love to comment and leave encouragment for others, but I have to re-sign up for google(go back, sign in password) then it takes me back to your comment area and I have to retype everything I just typed in. Other times I go to leave a comment and it asks for URL I always pass on those, because so far I haven't found out what a URL is? I have asked several others and no one can tell me. So I guess I don't have one?
Then you have to retype the crocked letters...some of the times I have done that and it said I didn't get it correct and I have to do it over again. So it really isn't that people don't want to comment...Its difficult and takes time. When you are going to look at many blogs you just don't bother unless blog candy tempts you. I have even passed on that when I feel tired. For the record I love to encourage people and the blogs out there blow my mind away. I can't stand not being able to comment at times.
I remembered to copy and paste my comment this time, while I went to google to give my password again. It has been 13 times just today.
I hope you are seeing why many don't by this comment.