Friday, June 22, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

Another Friday, another old card.

I really struggle about what cards to share with you. Some of them are not bad looking. Others are good. And then there are the ones that I think are horrendous!

This one falls in the "not bad" category.

The multicoloured panel is all me... I took dye based ink and coloured plain vellum (text weight). Once it was dry, it cut it into thin strips and then did some elementary school weaving. I cut a square in the front of my card and adhered the woven panel to the inside of the card. The flowers were punched out of dark purple cardstock and I added a dot of Liquid Pearls to the centre of each flower. I think that the sentiment stamp was a gift I received from Hero Arts for entering one of their contests.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


Cindy Keery said...

I love this woven card! Very pretty!

Tracy.H said...

Very pretty card, Nancy! Love the weaving. I have done one card with weaving...should try it again. :0)

Michelle said...

I like the weaving too! I don't know that I have many of my beginning cards that I would post. Hmmm. maybe I'll find one of mine and post on my blog. It might be a little scary though! lol

Kirstin said...

what a great idea!!! I may add a feature siomewhat like this to my blog...very neat to see how far we have come...mind if I borrow the idea?

I see you got a comment from Rodrigo too, I received one one day as well. Kinda freaked me out for a minute. your blog, mind if I link it to mine?

Corie said...

I like this card. Love the weaving effect.