Friday, August 10, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

It's Friday, and that can only mean that I need to go through my stash of scanned old cards and find something that I'm not too embarrassed to show you! I mean seriously... some of my older work is just so "not me" anymore. It's amazing how much your style can change, but stay the same at the same time.

This card is from before 2003 sometime.... It's a dark blue card with a circle of a white patterned paper in the centre. I then did some tea bag folding with a paper that was marbled by my friend Sonja. This paper was really a little too thick to successfully use for tea bag folding, but it worked OK. To liven up the card a bit, I wrote LOVE all around the edge and around the circle with a silver gel pen.

I hope you all have a fantabulous Friday!


Crafty in Calgary said...

Nancy- You crack me up! I love seeing your old cards. I was not into cardmaking back then and the techniques are cool to see (even if your style has changed)! :)

ktstamps said...

I love this card. Can you teach me how to do it? OMG! I love it! kt

Julie ~ Jades Butterflies! said...

I love this card too!