Friday, September 28, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

The hardest part of Flashback Friday is deciding what, from my stash of old stuff, to share with you all. It's difficult because many of the items are no longer things I would consider sharing with people because my tastes have changed or because they simply weren't that good in the first place.

So this morning when I saw Cindy come online on MSN, I asked her to please help me choose something from my stash to share.

She chose, from my "before 2003" stash, a vellum beaded lampshade that I made. I was really into these for a while.

I had found a template online somewhere for the shade and I made these for a bunch of people that year. Some of them were simply stamped and embossed, some of them were stamped and coloured. All of them were heavy vellum (cardstock weight) covered in the small holeless clear beads.

This one I was asked to make for someone to give as a gift. I used a DeNami image and coloured it from behind with markers. Once you're done decorating, you cover the front of the vellum shade with a Wonder Tape sheet (which is clear, double sided tape) and then add the beads. There is a strip along the edge that you do not bead which is where you then put the two sides of the vellum together to make the shade.

These shades sit on a wine glass.... and look really neat with a small tealight candle shining through.

If I can find the template again, I'll be sure to let you know!

I'm back.... I found a template... it's not the one I used, but it looks similar. I would probably enlarge it a little. The template I originally used took up most of a sheet of vellum from top right to bottom left corners.


Donna said...

Oh, I do love this. We did wine glasses with little vellum shades at stamp camp but they were very feminine looking. I really like your retro look!

Renée Storch said...

Very pretty, and what a great idea!!! I must try!

Tracy.H said...

This is awesome, Nancy!! :0)

Quilt Nut said...

how cute is that??