Tuesday, September 11, 2007

*Stiff and Sore*

Two years ago, I was going to workout at the local rec centre 3-4 times per week and loving it. I wasn't at my lowest weight after my weight loss (I had gained back a few pounds) but I was feeling good.

Fast forward a little bit to May 2006 when Dad died. The wheels fell off my bus and my regular routine of the gym (now a solid 3 days a week) slowly died off.

I've attempted to get back at it several times, succeeding in a week or two or three and then giving up again.

But today was the day.... I went back... Maybe not the smartest move after our first Tae Kwon Do lesson of the year last night, but I was feeling good this morning and decided it was time. I didn't do a tonne... 20 minutes on the treadmill (I have to work my way back up to running a little) and then about 20 minutes worth of abs and arms.

Tae Kwon Do... I never thought I'd say this but I have fun with it! It started out as an activity I could with my boys last fall. I wasn't totally keen on it but I really wanted Matthew to do something active a few nights a week and the only way I could get him to go was to do it too. The three of us did it twice a week until May when classes finished for the summer. Over the summer Bruce and I have become good friends with the instructor and his wife (theirs is the puppy we babysat a few weeks ago).

This year it's a little different... the three of us are no longer beginners. And Bruce has joined as well.

My muscles weren't at all stiff this morning... that is until after I worked out at the gym.

Tomorrow could be interesting.

This card was created with inspiration (and a card design) that I saw on Cambria's blog. I only had a picture of the card with me at my stamp table, and that was the picture of the card closed... so I missed out on the one design element that I thought was really cool originally. My circle is on the outside of the card... hers is on the inside.

The day I made this card, I found myself struggling to put it together. Nothing really caught my eye or tickled my fancy, so not my best work.

Unfortunately (for you) I am unable to find my cheat sheet with all the items used on this card. So you'll have to use your imagination LOL!

I can tell you (although you can't really see it on the photo) that I used my Sakura Stardust Gel Pen along all of the Cuttlebug embossed swirls to add a little extra pizzaz to the card front.

Thanks for blurfing by! (that's a term I learned from Allison... blog + surfing = blurfing!)


Shannon said...

Hope your able to move tomorrow. I like the card - when I saw Cambria do it I wanted to case it as well but haven't done that yet!

Crafty in Calgary said...

Congrats on getting back into Tae Kwan Do! And, what a great card!

Joy T. said...

Wow good for you! Here's hoping those muscles aren't too sore tomorrow. And as always...a gorgeous card!

Renée said...

Good for you going to Tae Kwan Do and exercising. I need some will power just to start walking again. I happened upon your blog yesterday and notice you are from Calgary, I'm from Drumheller!!!

Corie said...

Love the card -- so pretty

Hope you are not so sore today. Just take it one day at a time!!

Rhonda said...

Great card, love the design:)! Congrats to you! It's hard getting motivated sometimes, isn't it!?

Eleonor said...

Way to go with the exercising -- you know what they say -- even just 10 - 15 minutes of exercise 3X a week adds years to your life!

Penny said...

Love your blog and your creative cards. Where is the DP from? Who makes it? Thanks!!