Friday, November 02, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

I think I've discovered what is causing at least part of the headaches I've been getting lately. Well, two reasons for two different spots in my head.

First, I think I now need my reading glasses (which I got a year ago) to work on the computer and when I crochet. I will try this for a bit. I might even try them with my stamping. The computer screen just looks a little more clear with the glasses on. Yes, I see my eye doctor later this morning... maybe I too will need full time glasses.

The glasses story is kind of funny... I come from a family of 5... I am the youngest of 3 sisters. The oldest sister and I were the only ones without glasses. And we were proud of that. Out of the 5 grandchildren on my side of the family, my oldest son is the only one without glasses. Last November, I got my eyes checked and mentioned the headaches I was getting from reading. Sure enough, I needed reading glasses. It was so close to Christmas and my Mom and oldest sister were heading out here, so I decided to leave it as a surprise... until my oldest sisters' daughter let it slip that they were going out to pick out "mom's new glasses". Sure enough... within a week of each other, we both needed reading glasses! Neither of us wanted to tell the other because we didn't want the other to be gloating that they didn't need glasses. My sister (btw, her name is Heather) went back to the eye doctor last month and she's now in full time glasses... bi-focals to boot. I wonder if I'm close behind???

Today you get a treat. You get to see a card made with the most beautiful Santa face ever made. But this story has a sad ending.... first, I decided I didn't use him enough so I sold him and sent him across the country to his new home. Second, you can no longer get this stamp other than by paying a tonne of money on Ebay as the company has gone out of business.

Yes, I know there are other great Santa faces out there, but there isn't one that compares to this one.

The Santa face is by Gumball Graphics. I stamped him in black Memories ink on glossy cardstock. The background (which says, "Life is too short NOT to believe in Santa") was computer generated and printed onto paper not cardstock. I layered it all up on red cardstock and voila.

I just love him....


Amanda said...

Great card!I found the stamp, I think! Stamp Francisco bought Gumball Graphics. go to this link.. which size stamp do you have? Thanks! I love that stamp!

Tracy.H said...

That is one great lookin' Santa!! Love it!

So what is the other reason for the headaches? You only told us one...;0)

Val said...

I love that card...sure wish I could buy that stamp!

Quilt Nut said...

love this stamp too. he is gorgeous!

Daria said...

I love what you've done with this wonderful Santa image.