Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*More Good Mail*

Today's mail brought two more handmade Christmas cards for my display...

This first card was made by my Mom (Bev Barnett). As you may recall, Mom is the person who got me started with stamping and card making 11 years ago. This card is so neat... the squares behind the trees are punched out... the trees each have slits in them and she's threaded the ribbon between the slits and has used the ribbons to suspend the trees in the cut outs. Such a cool idea, Mom! LOVE IT!

Unfortunately, Mom hasn't updated her blog in a while, but I hope to convince her to get back at it soon!

The second card is a neat idea from Susan deBree... not only is it a Christmas card, but it's a thank you for the work I do as the ListMom for CST. CST is a YahooGroup for Canadian Stampers and Paper Crafters (stands for Canadian Stamp Talk). I am the moderator/list owner for this group.

Thanks so much for thinking of my Susan!


Tracy.H said...

Wow! Your Mom's card is amazing!! :0)

Renée said...

Wow, both these cards are great! My mom got me into papercrafts too. It's nice to be able to share something crafty with a mom, isn't it?

P.S. You've been tagged!