Monday, December 10, 2007

*Thank You Heather*

A big thanks to my sister Heather for the beautiful Christmas card that arrived today!

Heather used to stamp and make cards all the time... and then she stopped... but then she started scrapbooking a few years later.

While I miss sharing the card making with her, I am so very glad that she is crafty again.

Once a year she pulls out her card making supplies and I think she did an awesome job with her new Bella stamp!

Thanks Heather!


Deborah said...

Indeed Heather made you a wonderful card! Love it! Deb

Tracy.H said...

Very cute...I like all the sparkle edging!! :0)

Heather said...

***blushing**** Thanks so much, Nancy! Glad you liked the card.

Helen F said...

beautiful card Heather! I'm so glad you still take your stamps out once a year to share your creativity with us!

Jake and I received the same card from Heather, I was going to post about it to CST today! Thanks Heather!
Thanks Nancy for displaying it!