Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*EK Success Advisory Board*

Several months ago I put my name on a list with EK Success to be considered for their Advisory Board. A few days later, I had completely forgotten about it.

Fast forward to the end of November when there is a bubble envelope in the mail from EK Success. I couldn't imagine what it could be because I was pretty sure I hadn't ordered anything. I opened it up and inside was something I had never seen before.... although in my mind's eye, it looked a bit like a package of birth control pills LOL!

Anyway, inside the package with this contraption was a letter welcoming me to the 2008 EK Success Advisory Board. I will, on occasion, be sent products to test or questionnaires to fill out over the next 12 months. I was asked to test this new adhesive, log in to a special website and giv my opinion. They also asked me to share with my friends.

So, here I am sharing...

I got to test the Sticko Permanent Adhesive. Not that I had to change a cartridge, but apparently you just drop it in and go.

I will admit, I liked it. But I think that's more that I like the convenience of a tape dispenser like this since I am usually the one using the double sided tape from the Dollar Store and you have to have a few extra steps in your process to use that.

It has had good hold, was easy to use.

But, there wasn't much for "play" time with it as I had hoped from a crafting tape (no "play" time with my dollar store stuff either). I'd love a tape that wasn't too sticky for the first 30 seconds it's adhering your stuff so that you can move it if you put it in the wrong spot.

Would I buy this? Probably not. But that's because I use a lot of adhesive and it would become just too expensive.

It's cute though!


Tracy.H said...

I like the look of it...looks very comfy for the hand. Did they say how much it will retail for?

Shannon said...

Sitting in the package like this is really does look like birth control. I love the convience of a tape runner and I really am loving my ATG.