Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*A Note About My Blog*

I realize that my current blog layout does not make it obvious that there is a link to be clicked in my text. I have it set to be a different colour, but on my computer at least, it shows up as regular text when I view my blog.

Please know that whenever I can, I include links to others' blogs. More often than not, if you click on a Blog Name or Author Name, you'll get to go visit their blog and have a look at their wonderful creations.

I'll keep working on my settings to see if I can't get it to work right

EDIT: OK.... I just went to look at my blog using IE instead of Firefox and the links are purple while the rest of the text is pink. hmmmmmmmmmm

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Julee from Verve said...

Looks like it's the visited blog links that are the same color as the text. If you haven't viewed it, it's purple, when you hover it's green, but if you've already been there it's pink. To change it you can go to Layout, Colors and Fonts and change the Visited Link Color to something more conspicuos. Hope that helps. :)

The Urban Chic said...

Nancy, your past cards are beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the photos of your family.
I agree that July 25th should be a National Holiday--our youngest was born that day and he almost died. Happy Late Birthday to you. Hugs, Pat