Wednesday, August 27, 2008

*Quick and Easy Thank You Card*

Back in July I decided to make some thank you cards for my sister in law. She is the only person I know who still sends a thank you card each and every time. Someone taught this girl well!

The funny part was that she sent us a thank you card for her (late) birthday present, and the card was a folded piece of paper. I decided at that moment that she needed some thank you cards.

This was the first design I came up with... I've done it before but this was my first time actually using the Kiwi Kiss and Tangerine Tango colour combination. I was thrilled with the colours together and very very happy with the outcome of the card. Simple, easy and somewhat elegant.

I sure hope my SIL liked them too!

Hey, it's gotta be better than a folded piece of paper LOL!
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Merlie said...

Way better than a folded piece of paper!!

Jenny Mick said...

Very pretty and elegant!!

Tracy.H said...

Definitely better than a fold piece of paper!! She will love it. I love those colors...I am so getting those two for sure! :0)

Joy T. said...

Those colors are so pretty!

Quilt Nut said...


Jill said...

Okay, this is beautiful! I really love this. Simplicity and elegance at their best!