Thursday, August 28, 2008

*Totally Not Stamping Related*

I thought that I would do a public service for anyone who missed out on some shows from last season on TV.... or shows you want to start watching now. Shannon turned me on to a website called Surf the Channel. They have classic TV shows there as well as current TV shows. I have been spending time in the last week or two watching "Army Wives", a show on Lifetime in the US that we don't get in Canada. Season 2 just finished in the States and I've just starting watching episode 1 from season 2. It's an AWESOME show! I also tried to watch Lost, but found myself overwhelmed by having so many to get through to get caught up.

So, if you want to get caught up, watch a new to you show, or watch an episode you missed, head on over to Surf the Channel. You don't have to download anything or sign up for anything... you just watch it on your computer like a YouTube video.

Very cool!
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Michelle said...

As you know I love Army Wives. There are actually 3 more episodes left in Season 2, last week was a repeat, so the next one is on September 7, than 2 more after than.

Check out this link:;dropdown;1

Shannon said...

So glad that you are catching up to me. I think the season finale of season 2 is coming up this Sunday.

Shannon said...

Oh I just read what Michelle wrote - last week was a repeat so I can stop stalking STC - 3 more episodes I am so excited!