Monday, October 13, 2008

*19 Years*

Nineteen years ago today, I met the man who would become my husband. It was Friday, October 13, 1989. We had met briefly before as one of his best friends was dating my best friend (back in 1986). Two friends and I went to the bar that night and started to hang out with the friends of the guy our friend (who wasn't there) dated. They had a table and we didn't. A table was always hard to come by at this dance bar. We all hung out. I tried to set Bruce up with my girlfriend Brenda... but that backfired. By the end the night, I was holding his hand, giving him my number.

Six months later (on Friday, April 13th, 1990), we were engaged... 14 months later we were married..

So hard to believe that we've been joined at the heart for 19 years!

Today's card is the last card from the 2nd Christmas Card class I taught at the Scrapbook Pantry (did you notice I added a link to the right??) in October. I got the idea from great little card that Nicole sent me this summer. I added the idea of using the snowflake brad to keep the card closed.

For this I used a strip of some wonderful glitter paper (cardstock weight) from Best Creation and some Bazill cardstock as well as a cute snowflake brad. It went together so quickly and easily!!

We are all enjoying a day off from the regular routine as today is Thanksgiving Monday in Canada. We had our big dinner at my mother-in-laws last night and she sent us home with some leftovers... we're having toasted turkey sandwiches for lunch. My favourite part of a big turkey dinner is the toasted turkey sandwich the next day (oh, and the pie LOL!!!)!!
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