Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*Tracy's Birthday Card*

Good morning all.... strange day for schedules in our house. One kid with school, one kid without. I could have slept in I suppose instead of getting up at 7am since I don't work until 9:30, but I got up at regular time with my alarm.

We have to make another appointment for Alex to go see the Orthodontist today or tomorrow. He got his braces 2 weeks ago today. On the first day, one of the brackets popped off his tooth. It appeared that the adhesive didn't adhere properly. We were back at the ortho on Friday for them to "activate" the wire.... and Friday night another bracket popped off. Being a long weekend, there was nothing we could do until today. Unfortunately they are at their downtown office until after lunch so I've had to leave a message for them to get back to me. Alex has missed more school for orthodontic stuff in the last 6 weeks than he missed school at all last year. I said in my message that we will only take an appointment today after 4pm or tomorrow around 8am. I hope that they can fit us in. What a pain in the a$$.

I created this card to send to Tracy for her birthday after seeing a similar card on Shanna's blog. Shanna is a regular customer at the Scrapbook Pantry and I was excited to stumble upon her blog one day.

The colours I used are Basic Black, Whisper White and Purely Pomegranate. The stamps are from the It's Your Birthday set from The Cat's Pajamas.

What you can't see in the photo is that there is bling in each of the dots on the package.

If you're a Canadian, be sure to head out to vote today! If you don't cast your ballot, you have no reason to be able to complain later LOL!
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Tracy.H said...

Hope you guys were able to get in today! Does not sound like he is having much luck with these braces! :0)