Sunday, November 23, 2008

*New Display Idea For Christmas Cards*

At the Scrapbook Pantry (see the link in the side bar), we have two of these great "trees" in the store that we use to display card samples. They work really really well. The minute I saw them, I knew I needed one for my Christmas Cards. In years past, I have hung my Christmas cards in my horizontal blinds in my kitchen. Never really liked it, but with no mantel, it was a good place for them.

Yesterday I went to Paper Root Studio in Market Mall (in case you want one of your own) and for $60 (Canadian), I got myself one.... can't wait for the Christmas Cards to start rolling in now!

The product is by Umbra. I have it sitting in my living room/dining room.
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Eulanda said...

Hi Nancy!

I already know my mom got one of these for me for xmas. I was with her when she bought it. hee hee BUT there are some really pretty magnetic flowers you can put on the clips. If you get tired of looking at them with no card attached check out the flowers. They are cute! Can't wait to use mine! :)

Sarah said...

What a super fun idea for displaying cards!!! Love it. I have a string above the patio door in the kitchen, but it is already full, so I might resort to the blinds again this year!!

Judy's Stamping Blog said...

I love this tree, is there are link to their store? I live in Manitoba....