Friday, December 26, 2008

*Happy Boxing Day*

Here in Canada, the 26th of December is known as "Boxing Day". Not exactly sure where the term comes from as there are lots of different interpretations of it, but these days, it's typically a big shopping day, much like the day after Thanksgiving in the US. I would love to see some of the sales on Boxing Day but there has never really been anything we've been looking for or wanting so we don't bother. Instead it's a day in our house to enjoy the new things you received for Christmas.

We had a wonderful Christmas.... I am so glad that my Mom, sister and niece were able to make the trip to see us (unfortunately, my other sister and her family were unable to come due to work). Chistmas Eve we all had a little running around to do so we went off in two separate cars to take care of that. We had an easy supper of pizza buns (a family favourite) and then went off to our friends' house for a few drinks and a visit (this was the group we went to Mexico with). We got home about 11 and sent the kids to bed. No pretending about Santa this year.... but of course Santa still comes. We set up Santa presents (a PS3 for the boys) and filled stockings and went to bed.

My Father in Law joined us for gift opening and brunch on Christmas Morning. There were some great presents under the tree for all of us.... I was lucky enough to receive a Cricut Expressions from my Mom and husband as well as a body pillow from one son and Mama Mia from the other. And some books and stuff from Bath and Bodyworks from my sister and niece (they have one where they live, but none near me). My Mom was thrilled with a scrapbook my sister did of their trip to Amsterdam this past October and was more than surprised when she opened the gift from all three of her girls.... at the bottom of the box was a piece of paper telling her that her three girls are treating her to a trip to Vegas in April to celebrate her 70th birthday.

My Mother in Law and her husband as well as Bruce's brother joined us later in the afternoon, had dinner with us and stayed to play Wii Bowling with the family. We had a great evening of fun!

One of my last Christmas posts for you today... I think I have two more to share after this....

I created this Christmas balls and cards for the ladies I work with for our Staff Christmas Party. I saw the video tutorials on Angie Kennedy Juda's blog and I just had to try them.... they sure went together quickly and easily! I used some of the scraps of paper left over from the majority of my Christmas cards and the two Marvy snowflake punches for the cards. For the ornaments, I used whatever double-sided patterned Christmas papers I could find in my stash.

I am off to go feed one friends' fish, another friends' cat and shovel a driveway (house #2). Good thing house #1 (the fish) is on the way to house #2 (the cat and driveway)!!

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Jennifer R said...

Wow, sounds like an awesome Christmas Nancy!
It sounds like you were truly blessed with family, food and wonderful gifts. Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday with your family and friends.
Looking forward to your creations using the Cricuit Expressions.
(No pressure though! LOL)