Monday, December 22, 2008

*Thank You Merlie!!!*

My friend Merlie rocks!!! I got to know her as she was (and still is) a customer at the Scrapbook Pantry. Her daughters, Lexiss and Madison are two of my favourite customers... both so cute (but each is a total monkey!). A few months ago, I invited Merlie to join the CalGals at my house for a night of stamping and she fit in perfectly.

She came by the store last week to bring my a Christmas present since Thursday was my last day of work. She totally spoiled me by altering a container to hold my Copic Markers!!! I think that the girls had a hand in decorating it for me.

Merlie, I absolutely LOVE it.... the only problem.... I don't think all of my Copics will fit!!!!!!


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Merlie said...

Geez... I can help you out in that department too, so they will fit. No need to mail it out, I can come and pick them up.

Tracy.H said...

I can come pick them up too!! ;0)