Wednesday, January 28, 2009

*I'm One of Cami's People!*

I know I will forget some of those who I have seen or met this trip, but let me tell you how cool it was to meet some of the people I "stalk" online.... these are the "stamping royalty" in many circles....

On my first day here I introduced myself to Jenn Shurkus.... she was shocked to find out she had a stalker LOL

Today I did a make and take with Cambria Turnbow at the Our Craft Planet booth... she was so genuine and wonderful. Lots of hugs later it was decided that I was on of her "people" That was cool. While there I also met Carolyn King and Emily Giovanni. At the Prism Paper booth I recognized and spoke to Keri Serika. These are all people who's work I follow and enjoy and it was great to meet them... even if I felt a little silly.

Today I also ran in to Nicky Manel who I haven't seen in *years*! It was wonderful to catch up with her for a few minutes. She also introduced me to Emily herself... the creator of Stamping Bella.

On Saturday I met the ladies from Hanna Stamps (Vicki and Kristi)

It's been a good week but I am ready to head home to my family...

If you want a few sneak peeks of stuff we've seen, please visit the Scrapbook Pantry blog (where I work)

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Michelle said...

Lucky, lucky you!

Cambria Turnbow said...

Nancy, it was SO nice meeting you and I'm so happy that you are one of "my people" LOL. I hope someday we will meet again and we can hang out. Thanks SO much for coming by Our Craft Lounge and visiting us!! :)