Monday, January 05, 2009

*OMG. I Think I'm A Has-Been*

I was doing some thinking this morning while I was doing my regular blog surfing... and an ugly thought came to mind.

Back, 12 years ago, stamping was *so* new in Canada. It was hard to find supplies. The internet isn't what it is today so it was hard to find information and ideas. Even harder to find like-minded individuals.

Ten years ago, things were changing and I was near the front of the heap of stampers in Canada. I don't mean I was the best stamper out there, but a lot of people knew who I was. A lot of people wanted information from me. A lot of people looked to me to find out about trends and resources. With that in mind, I started the paper crafting list known as CST (stands for Canadian Stamp Talk) over at eGroups, which later became YahooGroups. The list was slow to grow, but it was an active list of people just dying to know more. People in the industry knew my name.

And while there are still people who are out there who know my name, it's different. I am no longer a trendsetter. I am no longer the go-to girl. People who have been stamping a lot less time than me are taking me over by leaps and bounds. People that I know, that have known from my "real life" who have become stampers seem to not even give me the time of day (don't return my emails and things like that).

I have become, a has-been in the grand scheme of stamping things. And that makes me sad.
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mitch1066 said...

ah but today you can buy online even when theres no store close by and you can have a million friends that are crafters sharing their creativity from the other side of the world.Its not all sound so down,have you lost your creative mojo?

Shannon said...

Your not a has been in my books!

Julie Mutch said...

My goodness girl, you need to cheer up! Maybe you need to take a trip over to the Pantry and buy yourself something, retail therapy always works for me! lol :)

You're certainly not a 'has been' in my books, either. I check out your blog every time you post, but like many others, find it hard to take the time to leave a comment on everyone's blogs whom I visit. There simply just isn't enough hours in the day.

I know that you do beautiful work and that many people admire it. You also do an awesome job of 'holding down the fort' on CST. I've been a member for about 4 years now, I guess, and although I'm not as active anymore, I'm always on there reading all the great advise and tips from others. Life just gets in the way and keeps me from spending as much time on the computer as I used to.

Anyway, keep you chin up, take some time for yourself today and take care! :)

Big Hugs,

mudmaven said...

You need to keep in mind all the folks that you inspire via your blog! I read every single thing that you post and often email it to myself so that I can pull it up later and be inspired again! Lots of those group things have gone by the wayside because of the advent of blogging. You are absolutely still an inspiration, maybe just in a different forum. Anyone who isn't responding to your email might just be very, very busy. Keep all the wonderful posts and creations coming! I may not comment on every single one, but I definitely read every single one! ~chris

Cheryl said...

NO, YOU ARE NOT A HAS BEEN!!!!! Now chin up and know we love you.

Tamara said...

You have been my go to girl since I found your blog and I started bloging!

Marie said...

Oh no Nancy you are not a "has been" - you are now a seasoned stamper. You are like Yoda on Star Wars - all knowing and all seeing (but better looking for sure!). Wise to the ways of stamping and ready to share with those that seek your knowlege....

Maybe you're feeling a bit overwhelmed and oversaturated?

That's what I'm going through. It's kind of like a craft-depression...

I have so much stuff that it's hard for me to concentrate and "create". I see so much on the internet (and it seems EVERYBODY has a blog now!!) it's is very overwhelming.

You need to get back to the "love to stamping" and maybe cut back a bit. Do it for yourself for a while and have some fun again!

That's what I need to do and maybe you need that too?

Anonymous said...

I was like that at my job; that I ssooo enjoyed. Then, a work injury & a few yr. later I'm not given the time of day by these past co-workers. But, like you, I feel proud of what I knew & shared; if they get an injury, let's see how they'll handle the situation! Just my 2 cents.

Tracy.H said...

Okay...I don't know whats up, but you are not a has been...and never will be! :0)

Oma said...

Methinks you need a big ((((HUG))))!!

Paula Barin said...

Nancy, your post today made me sad. You are not a has-been. Look at it this way.... the new kids on the block, well, you were their inspiration! Don't stop creating, I'll feel sad. A year ago I contacted you through a mutual friend, Wendy Pendy. You said kind words of encouragement that gave me the push to be creative and start a blog. Without you I would never have gotten started with this fantastic and rewarding hobby. I check your blog all the time for some creative ideas when I'm stuck in the mud.
Keep going... and judging from the other comments I'm not the only one that thinks you're amazing.Looking forward to your next creation. It's sad that the world is so busy that we forget to acknowledge each other...I know I'm sometimes guilty of that. Please know that there are many people out there who value your craft. Thank you for all you do for us newbies.
Sending you hugs.

Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work, you could never be a has been in my mind. I read your blog all the time and I do look at your stuff for inspiration! Cheer up, I'm with Julie, maybe go buy yourself a little treat!


Amy said...

Chin up Nancy! You have to know that you paved the way for these other stampers, so for that, you're one in a million! It happens to everyone, whether at work, in blogland, or sometimes in your very own home (like when us mom's become second fiddle to friends). Hang in there. Isn't it nice that you can vent here and have so much support? Hugs!

Jan Scholl said...

I don't even remember how I found your blog anymore but I have you listed on my Reader under the very hard to earn "Cream of the Crop". I lost most of my readers when I decided to take a break for about 6 months-I think I forgot how to stamp really. It doesn't matter who doesn't answer back or come around-it matters who does. Those are the keepers.

I learned that big time.

Jennifer R said...

Hey you, what's up. You teach classes for heaven's sake!!:)
You have a following for sure, I have noticed that people are not so good about emailing responses about anything, so it is not you girlie girl!!
SMiles and biggeth hugsth! LOL
Jennifer R.

Stamp Time said...

I read your blog everyday, and although I may not comment I do get inspiration from you! You are NOT a has been!

: )

The Urban Chic said...

Nancy, you will never be a "has been" in my book. Your work is beautiful and you should be very proud. I only wish that I was half as good as you. Love and Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

You aren't a has-been unless you think of yourself that way! Look in your mirror, remind yourself of how many, many people you have helped along their crafting way, and congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished. Now think of how you can re-create yourself. You go, girl!!!


Charlene Austin said...

Oh no, Nancy...I cannot believe you feel that way. I totally love coming over to your blog and seeing what you are up to. I found you somehow because you live in the same city but I keep coming back 'cause you keep it so real. Don't ever worry about friends that don't email you back. They are definitely not friends then are they?! Keep doing what you're doing because you love it not because you feel you have to "keep up". That is alot of pressure and might bring you down if you let it. Have a GREAT day~~and feel better soon!! OK!

Michelle said...

Hi Nancy!

I totally can understand where you are coming from.

But, looky here I cased you!!!!

I love visiting your blog daily to see what you are up to & what you are sharing - I learn from each person I visit, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for kind people like you sharing everything they know - all their expertise!

See you tomorrow at the party!