Tuesday, January 06, 2009

*Thanks Guys*

I just wanted to take a minute to everyone who commented and emailed me after my post yesterday. I didn't start out writing an "Oh woe is me" post, but that is certainly how it ended up. Part of me is proud of where I've been and what I was involved in back in the beginning. And I should be. Part of me is just sad, missing those days and realizing that things are different now.

But good has come from this.... I did a lot of thinking with each of the emails I read yesterday and I have decided that I need to do what I do because I want to and because I love to.... and not because I think there is someone out there watching.

To that end, I made two cards yesterday evening.

And I will post them once I get them off my camera and altered.

Thanks again guys!
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Tracy.H said...

Big Hugs! :0)

Paula Barin said...

Nancy, great philosophy... do it because you love to. Glad you're feeling better. BTW Wendy says Hi!

Oma said...

You've got another follower! Moi - can ya feel the love?

How's about showing me some love and following my blog?