Friday, February 13, 2009

*Happy Friday the 13th*

Friday the 13th is feared by some, is nothing to others... and to Bruce and I, it is a day to celebrate! Bruce and I met on Friday, October 13, 1989 and got engaged six months later on Friday, April 13, 1990. We thought about getting married on a Friday the 13th as well but I wanted a summer wedding and there was no Friday the 13th in the summer of 1991. Five years after Bruce proposed, Alex was born.... on Thursday, April 13th.

Bruce and I have always celebrated Friday the 13th... and today has been no exception

It's Teachers' Convention here in Calgary so the kids had yesterday and today off. And so did I. Bruce got up without waking me this morning and came in to give me a kiss good-bye at 8. Little did I know he was heading off to the gym, not to work. He surprised the crap out of me by coming home at 10:30... a Purdy's bag in hand. After the gym, he went off to the mall to buy my favourite chocolate covered marshmallows and the book "Marly & Me" and a Valentine's card.

It took me about five minutes to notice that after his shower at the gym, the man shaved off his goatee!!! He's had facial hair for as long as I can think back in our relationship. Not the entire 19.5 years, but for a good chunk of it. He shaved it all off once about 10-12 years ago for a Halloween costume, but he grew it back right away.

I'm not sure how I feel about it... a non-prickly kiss felt pretty darn good, but I think I had gotten used to looking at him with a hairy face. I'm sure that after a few days I will be used to his nekkid face again.

I taught my February class at the Scrapbook Pantry over the last few days (Wednesday morning and Thursday evening). I think that the ladies had a good time at each class. I always enjoy seeing the regulars in my classes back each month and getting to know the new faces as well!

This is the last of the three cards we did this month in the class. I love the simplicity of this card. We were finally able to get some Blender Pens in at the store so we were able to play around with colouring with our ink pads and the blender pen for this class.

We will be enjoying a wonderful long weekend together.... like I mentioned, the kids and I had Thursday and Friday off.... and Monday is a provincial holiday. Five whole days!

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Stampin_melissa said...

Ha! Just as you get used to un-prickily kisses he'll grow it again! ;D My DH is Army so he can't have facial hair. Once, during a move and he had several weeks off he grew a mustache and I loved it but I haven't gotten him to do that since. Perhaps when he retires?? :)

Cute card! I have this foxy and love it!

Wendy said...

My mom is a bit like you guys, born on the 13th, divorced on the 13th and remarried on the 13th! So she loves the day as well. Cute card Nance!

Merlie said...

Love the card Nancy!