Monday, February 09, 2009

*I Am Tired*

It was one heck of an early morning, paired with a heck of a long day, after a long day on Sunday, after a hectic Saturday....

Saturday night I hosted a surprise party for my husband at a local pub. Back in July my husband turned 40... and we had a really difficult time trying to get friends together for a party so we ended up with just a family party. I felt bad. I thought his 40th birthday required something more. So I began to plan a surprise 40.5 birthday party! Saturday night I pulled off this big surprise.... and Bruce was floored. We had a great time on Saturday... a total of 30 people joined us to celebrate this big milestone.

Sunday morning we were up and at the Scrapbook Pantry by 10am to help do a huge re-organization of the entire store. Nothing is where it was other than the cash and the demo bar. It seemed overwhelming at 10am, but by 4pm we were seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. We left the shop around 7:30 on Sunday with the classroom still a mess, but the front of the store looking awesome.

And this morning I was back at the store at 6:30 as we were the "live on location" spot for CityTV Calgary Breakfast Television. We opened the store to customers at 6am and had a great time with the location crew. I was chosen to do a demo on-air using Copic Markers and while I was tired and nervous, I also had a good time... and apparently people thought I did a good job. Check out the store blog to see photos of our morning (I was taking the photos so there are none of me!)

Considering how long my day at work was, my day sure flew by!!!!

I created this card a few weeks ago for my January card class at the Pantry. I like to show the gals that a one layer card can be simple and good once in a a while. We used a white card, scored a 1/2" border on all four sides with the Scor-Pal. We then stamped the image (by Imaginisce) in the corner, coloured it with the Copic Spica pens, added some ribbon to the side and some DewDrops to the centres of the flowers. Poof, done. Quick and easy.

I teach my February class at the Pantry on Wednesday (morning) and Thursday (evening) later this week and am hoping to have my March classes designed and ready to take to class with me. I spent this afternoon and part of this evening cutting the kits for my February class and right now I think I am too tired to be creative... will see if I can come up with something after I am done this post.

Thanks again for popping by... I always love it when you come to visit!
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Michelle said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about it all!

You were awesome this AM Nancy, I PVR'd it all & watched the whole segment, it was great. I love watching these & you didn't look at all nervous.

Wendy said...

I watched it but couldn't make it, which sucked! I would of loved my 15 mins of fame! You looked good!

Charly said...

Beautiful card Nancy - so simple but elegant.

Merlie said...

Very nice and simple! Missed your 15 min of fame Nancy...hope you can load it to your blog soon.