Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*I've Been Tagged*

I've been tagged for the same game, by two different people! First, Jennie tagged me (and let me know in a comment on my blog but there was no way to figure out who Jennie was... and while I follow her blog, I must not have been in a reading mood that day cuz I missed it completely) and then Mary-Jane tagged me...

8 Things I Look Forward To.
1. warm weather
2. seeing my children grow and become men
3. time with my family
4. time with my friends
5. lazy summer weekends
6. planning another tropical vacation
7. two weekends of camping with friends
8. a magical fairy coming and decluttering my house!

8 Things I Did Yesterday.
1. went to WalMart
2. read my book
3. took Matthew to drums
4. crocheted
5. watched tv
6. went to Weight Watchers
7. waited for the phone to ring (and it didn't)
8. snuggled my dog!

8 Things I wish I could Do.

1. sing and not sound like a cat is dying
2. change my bad habits
3. fly
4. win the lottery to make life comfortable for those I love
5. become an adventurous eater (instead of a fussy one)
6. be creative more often (by that, I mean to find that elusive mojo more often)
7. understand why people do what they do
8. open myself to love more fully

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately.
1. The Waltons (teehee)
2. Ellen
3. "Baby Mama"
4. Medium
5. Numb3rs
6. Ugly Betty
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Good Eats

8 Great Blogs

1. Tracy
2. Shannon (but we need to encourage her to get back to crafting and blogging!)
3. Merlie
4. Dianne
5. Mom
6. Wendy
7. MojoMonday
8. Clean and Simple

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Shannon said...

Point taken. I actually just took a few pictures of scrap pages and some projects I've worked on lately.

Wendy said...

Hey, I haven't said thank you yet about saying you like my is kind of your fault!!! I think your party was my first!! LOL