Tuesday, July 28, 2009

*Cards For Me*

Yesterday I not only got cards in the mail, but I got a card hand delivered as well! Merlie and the girls were up visiting Shannon and baby Hailey and they stopped by on their way to lunch to drop off my birthday card. Unfortunately, I had run out to the grocery store a few minutes earlier to pick up some cold cuts and buns to make lunch (and to feed our friend who has been busy painting our master bedroom and bathroom). Bruce took Merlie and the girls to the back yard and entertained them until I got home... and I was glad he did as I always love a visit with Merlie, Lexiss and Madisen.

So, from Merlie, this great Hedgehog card.... she knows how much I love the sparkle and the bling LOL!

And then two cards from Allison.... first, a thank you card for the birthday card I sent her earlier this month, and then a birthday card for me! Thanks so much Allison!! I love the Bellas!

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Merlie said...

The girls enjoyed the visit. Hope Bruce didn't mind hanging out with us.