Monday, July 27, 2009

*Blog Candy Winner*

WOW! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes everyone... and it sounds like we all like to do similar things for our birthdays.... one common thread was CAKE LOL!

I decided to forego the random integer generator and chose comment #39 in honour of my 39th birthday.... and that means the winner is....

Lorie said...

Happy Day! Hope it was wonderful! This is the year I leave my 30's and we are going to...wait for it....Walt Disney World! Yep, just my husband and me! I'm SO excited but will miss my boys!

Lorie please email me with what you want me to order from the Nestabilities at Cut@home and include your full mailing address


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Lorie said...

Eek! Thank you! I am SO excited! :o)

Tracy.H said...

um...excuse me? Did you say Disneyworld? And when might that be??? And why did you not tell me????!!!! ;0)