Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*More Cards In The Mail*

I'm here today to show you some cards that I received in the last few days... I love my birthday month! Although, only two of these are birthday cards!

First, from my good friend Tracy... a thank you card. I gave her some cardstock at our last CalGals gathering because she loved the colour combination but didn't own the colours herself. I still love this combination and I think Tracy's card turned out beautifully!

This card is a birth announcement from my friend Jacquie who had a baby girl earlier this month. Nathalie joins big sister Kayla and big brother Eric.
This is a birthday card from a friend from CST... Irene. I have known Irene online for several years now and have had the pleasure of her company only a few times. She's a great lady.
And another birthday card from a CST member... I've never had the pleasure of meeting Ardelle in person... maybe some day

Thanks so much for making my mailbox a happy place ladies!
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Tracy.H said...

Glad you liked it! :0)