Thursday, August 27, 2009

*First Day Of School*

Pardon me while I share a Mommy Moment.... photos of the boys on their first day of school...
First we have Alex, ready for his first day of grade 9.... he's gotten so tall! Yes, he is taller than both Bruce and I!

And then we have Matthew, off to his first day of grade 7. He's not at a Jr High as he's at a Middle School, where he will stay until he finishes grade 9. Matthew has sprouted up a lot since spring... and his voice is changing.... the top of his head comes to the middle of my eyes. Only a matter of time before I'm looking up to talk to him!

You can see the changes in the boys from last year HERE!

I am off for my annual back to school breakfast with my girlfriends... enjoy your day!

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Tracy.H said...

Wow! They sure are growing up! I was a bad Mommy...totally forgot to take 'first day of school' pics this year!! :0)