Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*One More Time*

Well, I'm still here in Regina playing the waiting game.  Mom had her biopsy done on Monday afternoon (we spent a long 11.5 hours at the hospital) and we are now waiting to hear that the pathology report is done.  We are all hoping to hear something on Thursday or Friday.  Once we know what's going on and what the options are, we will start to make plans.  Mom is in a lot of pain from the biopsies and is unable to eat anything but things like Jello, pudding and broth.

We're all sick of waiting....  while there is a part of me that doesn't wanna know, I think that in other ways it will be so much better to know what we are dealing with.

Back in the summer I made a decision to get a tattoo for my Mom.  I figured it was only fair since my first tattoo honours my Dad who passed away in 2006.  My second tattoo is for my husband, kids and I.

I asked Mom what she would like me to get... I was hoping for a flower cuz I like flowers... and thankfully she said a rose.

I talked it over with Bruce last week and we decided that it would be cool if I could get it done while in Regina.  I called the tattoo shop that had been recommended to me and then went in for a quick consult to see if anyone would have time to fit me in.

Orrin was available last Saturday so I spent almost 2 hours in his chair getting my third tattoo...

This is a photo I took myself of that tattoo... the top of the photo is where I cut off my toes in the photo.  This tattoo (although you can't see it in this photo) attaches to my first tattoo with the tendrils you see at the bottom left of the photo.

This photo is from my knee, showing the placement of the tattoo a bit... the bottom of the photo is where I cut off my toes.  You can also see the far side of my first tattoo on the top right of the photo.

The good news is that Mom loves it!  It hurt to get since some of it is on the top of the foot and other spots are on boney areas.  And it hurt a bit for the first few days since part of it is where my foot meets my leg and is thus flexed and stretched a lot.  I wore Mom's winter boots for the first few trips outside but have found that the shoes I brought with me work fine as well.

As you can tell, I have a thing about the placement of my tattoos.  I want my tattoos somewhere that I can see them and somewhere that they won't go all weird as time and aging take their toll on my body.  I've just about used up the spots on my feet and ankles....  and I don't want to look like a freak with 100s of tattoos on my feet and ankles.  So this might have to be my last tattoo....  right now I have no desire for a fourth...  I mean seriously, I've gotten 3 tattoos in 20 months!
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Tracy.H said...

It looks great, Nancy. Can't wait to see it with the other one.

I am crossing my fingers for you all that they get back to you VERY soon. The waiting game is never fun.

Big hugs!

Michelle said...

I love it Nancy but, boy are you a sucker for those really "hurtin' places to tattoo!!!!

I hope you find out all that you need to find out in the next day or two.

Thinking of you...

Shannon said...

I saw your pics of the tat on facebook and loved the rose. I am glad that you did this now for your Mom. Hoping that hear something soon, we are missing you.

Anita C said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for the tip. Your tatoo looks great! Sorry to hear about your mom and everything that you are going through, sure hope that you hear something soon.

SpAzzGiRL said...

That ink looks great!
I hear that the top of the foot is a bit painful which is why all mine are in fatty spots, which isn't hard to find on me! LOL

My thoughts are with your mom, hopefully she is feeling better today and results come back in her favor.

Merlie said...

Ouch!! looks good though. Hope you find out soon and hope it's a good one.

Kelli said...

My hubby and I got our first tattoos for his 40th b-day this summer.Our daughter drew a picture of her, our son, and our dogs. I got it on my outer thigh. He got his on his inner forarm. I had planned on getting 2 at the same time, but chickened out when the first one got started. I will get more.
Your's looks great, love the placement.

Jessie Lubyk, said...

Very cool that it is for your Mom and I have the same theory about putting my tattoos in places that won't distort after some time. Will be praying for your Mom and your family