Monday, February 08, 2010

*I'm Home... for a bit*

I am so sorry to have been gone so long.  I have one lone card in my folder to share...  sigh

I am home in Calgary, for at least a few weeks.  The news on Mom has not been good at all... she has Stage IV cancer of the submandibular gland which has spread to the throat, jaw, mouth and at least 2 lymph nodes.  She was admitted on Friday so that she could have a feeding tube inserted as she will either be getting surgery to remove her lower right jaw or her jaw will eventually break.... not to mention the issues with the cancer in the throat making it increasingly more difficult to swallow.

After a chat with Mom and my sisters, it was decided that I would head home today... my husband drove out to Regina on Friday with the boyz as my Mom wanted to see them...  and I came home with them today.  Heather will have to head home in a few weeks and I will head back to Regina at that time.

Mom should be discharged tomorrow (Tuesday) and has a bone scan scheduled for Wednesday and then a CT on Thursday morning and a meeting with the surgeon from the cancer clinic on Thursday afternoon.

The prognosis is not good at all...  This cancer is too far spread to be curable.  Right now, we are deciding on the best course of action to keep Mom as comfortable as possible.

There have been a lot of tears shed.... I am about 3 seconds away from crying at any moment in the day.

Mom has decided that she will not cry about it anymore.  She doesn't want to die, but she's come to terms with it.  She will live the rest of her days the best she can.

I'm so proud of her for that attitude... I can't imagine how difficult it would be....  I hope that I stop crying one of these days... or at least feel like I can breathe without wanting to cry.

If anyone would like to send my Mom a card to brighten her day, I know she would appreciate it.  She is also a card maker and always loves to get beautiful creations in the mail.  If you'd like to, please EMAIL ME for her address.

Thanks for letting me ramble....  I'll post again with a card.
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Quilt Nut said...

praying for you all Nancy

Tracy.H said...

Glad you all made it home safe and sound...well as sound as can be. ;0)

And rant and ramble on...we got big ears!! ;0)

Michelle said...

I'm really sorry Nancy. I hope that you all find a way to keep your Mom in as little pain as possible & enjoy your time with one another...praying for you daily.


Trina said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Nancy. I am hoping for the best. Trust in God, he will take care of your Mom.
Hugs to you and your family.

Jennifer Reynard said...

Wow,I can't believe it. I am sooo sorry to hear of your Mom's recent diagnosis with Cancer. What a blow to your Mom, you and your family.
I can only offer my prayers to you all and hope that the Doctors and Nurses keep your Mom as comfortable as possible.
take care as best you can,

Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Nancy, I eill be praying for all of you to go through this very difficult and heartbreaking time!! I'd love to sen a card to your Mom!! Please send me her address. Thanks so much and stay strong and remember GOD has a plan and he will take care of it all! Hugs and prayers, Sabrina

Susan Raihala said...

I'm also praying for you all. Sending an email shortly for her address.