Saturday, November 01, 2008


WOW! Is it really November? The weather says no... it's still quite warm in Calgary. In fact, I am wearing sandals today. We went for a walk with all the friends and dogs in the dog park this morning and I ended up with my fleece off. Beautiful days. It will come to an end for sure, but for now, we will enjoy it.

Hubby is being smart and will be up on the roof this afternoon putting up our Christmas lights. They won't be turned on until December 1st, but it's a great idea to get them up when the weather is nice and there is no ice or snow on the roof.

While he is on the roof I will be out enjoying a pedicure and a new set of gel nails with some girlfriends! That's a great way to spend an afternoon in my books!

We had good Halloween. Alex had two friends over last night and I rented them what I remember to be scary movies... "Poltergeist" and "It"... we only had one scream all night. I watched for a while and was surprised at how cheesy they seemed. Matthew went out trick or treating with two friends and brought home a huge haul. And one friend spent the night. We had more kids at our door than last year, but fewer than I thought would show up since the weather was so nice.

I am a little strange and I keep track of how many kids show up at our house each year. It was something my Dad always did and for some reason, I feel the need to do it too. I then write the information (including the weather) on the back of the one skeleton decoration I hang on my front window. Just a little weird, I know!

I participated in a mingle on the Canadian Cuttlebug Crew YahooGroup last month. We had to use our Cuttlebug to create a sympathy card. I used the idea I have shown before with the wonderful Stamp It Australia papers, but changed things up a little.

I just love how elegant this paper makes a card look!

I am off to grab a quick bite before heading off to pick up my girlfriends.... I am SO looking forward to my nails being done.... I've had these gel nails for several months and it's time they get redone. Sometimes they just start to give and I require a whole new set... which is where I am now. I have lost four fake nails on my right hand and one on my left... with another that would come off without any work at all. My fingers look horrible!!!

Enjoy your Saturday (and don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight!)
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Paula Barin said...

Hi Nancy, love the card. Very elegant.