Thursday, July 31, 2008

*Another Sympathy Class Sample*

What started out as a not so great day has gotten much much better.

Last night we were at my mother in law's for dinner to celebrate Bruce's birthday (and my belated birthday). I started getting a headache soon after we got there so I took a few Ibuprofen and attempted to get through the evening. I got a couple of great gifts (including the cake pan by Wilton that makes a cake in the shape of a giant cupcake), ate a good dinner... and then the headache quickly turned into a migraine. By the time I left to come home, I could barely move my head without wanting to throw up. Everything bugged me.

But of course, I had taken Ibuprofen only a few hours earlier so it probably wasn't a good idea to use some of that wonderful Excedrin Migraine I picked up the last time we were in the US.

I came home and went straight to bed where sleeping was difficult due to the pain. I woke up at 7:30 this morning still with a migraine. I tried to call my boss to see if I could stay home, but I couldn't get ahold of her. So I went into the shop for 9:30 and she was there and told me to go home. We had a few things we needed to talk about and by 10am my morning dose of Excedrin had me good to go. So I decided to stay at work.

I had a good day at work including a belated birthday cupcake, a birthday card from my boss and a good 6 month review.

And above all else, I am so happy that my damn headache is gone..... it was the worst one I have *ever* had....

So, the card for today is another of the cards we'll be making in my August class... sympathy cards. Unfortunately I have come to realize that there isn't a lot of "learning" for these cards, but at least it's a great way for the ladies to make a few cards to have on hand for those difficult times.

The sentiment is by Boxer, the flower by Autumm Leaves. We will using Nestabilities to create the embossed frame. Since taking the photo I also added a brad on either side of the embossed frame. I'm hoping that the students will learn that a one layer card is an OK thing to do!

Tonight I plan on hitting the craft room while Bruce is off playing hockey to work on some Christmas and Halloween ideas using the two new Imaginice lines. Gotta get some ideas for my September classes!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*A Note About My Blog*

I realize that my current blog layout does not make it obvious that there is a link to be clicked in my text. I have it set to be a different colour, but on my computer at least, it shows up as regular text when I view my blog.

Please know that whenever I can, I include links to others' blogs. More often than not, if you click on a Blog Name or Author Name, you'll get to go visit their blog and have a look at their wonderful creations.

I'll keep working on my settings to see if I can't get it to work right

EDIT: OK.... I just went to look at my blog using IE instead of Firefox and the links are purple while the rest of the text is pink. hmmmmmmmmmm

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*More Cards For Me*

I came home to a few cards in mailbox which was a wonderful treat. I love getting cards in the mail, especially for my birthday! Like I said in an earlier post, I am not one of those people who shy away from her birthday.... hell, I think July 25th should be a national holiday LOL!

These are some great creations. I love the size and colours in Rhonda's card (click her name to check out her blog). The card from Ardelle (a member of CST but no blog that I know of) is subtle and beautiful. I love the colours in the bookmark from Nicole (click her name). This was one of my RAKs from the SCS Blogger RAK Pen Pal group I am participating in this summer.

Tammy's card is also from the SCS Blogger RAK Pen Pal group... love the colours in this card too. And I love Allison's card... the polka dots and penguins are perfect!!

Monday evening I met Shannon at the local Starbucks and she gave me this great pocket card and the beautiful Doodlebug brads. The card in the middle was fun to receive... I was at work yesterday and my two favorite munchkin customers came in with their Mom, Merlie (yup, she has a blog too!). They were so excited to give me a card for my birthday. The card on the right was also delivered to me at work yesterday. Sandra W doesn't have a blog and won't take credit for any of her lovely creations. She wanted me to be sure to say that her card was inspired by a card she saw on Beate's blog.

Thank you all so much for these beautiful creations!!!!
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Friday, July 25, 2008

*Happy Birthday To ME!!*

Another July 25th means another year older. I'm one of those people who LOVES having birthdays... and today has been mine. I sure don't feel it, but I'm 38 years old. I feel more like 28 most of the time. Good thing I'm not since I have a 13 year old son, eh??? LOL

I have had a great day. My Mom and sons took me to Boston Pizza for lunch. This evening we all went out for dinner at one of my favourite local Regina restaurants and then back home for a chocolate cake that Bruce baked and Mom iced.

My presents were awesome! Rachael and Heather gave me three books plus some lotion from this awesome store in Regina called Bath Goddess (click on their name).... you can go in and create custom scents... the lady ahead of us in line the other day mixed rootbeer and banana and let me tell you it was YUMMY! Heather and Rachael got me that scent.

Sandra and Tim and the girls gave me the same scent in body wash. I'm going to smell SOOOOO good!

My Mom spoiled me rotten and got me this....
Yup, a set of 24 Copic sketch markers!!! O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to find time to play!!

Matthew gave me the new Great Big Sea CD (my favourite band). Can't wait to listen to it and learn all of the songs before we go to their concert in December.

Alex gave me this...
It's a wireless weather station from Lee Valley Tools. I love to know the weather... a trait I inherited from my Dad. I love that this has a little guy that shows you how to dress for the day!

And Bruce gave me the new My Weightloss Coach for my Nintendo DS.... I've been working at losing weight the last little bit trying to get back to where I was before my Dad died and we hope that the pedometer and other features will help to motivate me.

I've had a bunch of emails, Facebook messages and a few phone calls from family and friends... everyone helping to make sure I have a fantabulous birthday!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

*Another First In A Series*

We are still in Saskatchewan visiting my Mom. My sister Heather and her daughter Rachael left this afternoon. I really hate good-byes.

We had some fun here on Tuesday night... right around suppertime a storm hit here in Regina. Water started pooling around the one side of the house, right up next to the house, and water started seeping into the basement. Bruce, Heather and Alex were outside trying to set up the pump in the driving rain while Rachael and I were working the wet vac soaking up the water as it was soaking the carpet. We did this for about an hour and then went out to dinner. This all happened again before bed. Sigh. Bruce was up on the roof yesterday and discovered that the rain gutters were full of organic material despite the assurances of the people who did the roof that the new mesh they put over the gutters would keep all that mess out. All of the water was simply spilling over the edges of the gutters instead of finding it's way to the downspouts and away from the house. We don't know for sure if this has solved the problem, but we are hopeful.

The card I am sharing today is one of the cards I've designed for my August card class at the Scrapbook Pantry. In August we are doing Sympathy Cards. We'll be using some beautiful sympathy sentiment stamps from Boxer in this class as well as some Nestabilities, ribbons, brads and some other stamps. I needed the cards to be simple and elegant.

The patterned paper is by Imaginisce.

The layout was inspired by a card I saw on ScrappnExtras. Click on her blog name to go have a look at Laura's beautiful work!
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Monday, July 21, 2008

*Lots of Photos*

This will be totally unrelated to crafting, but I wanted to share some of the family photos from Sunday. We had a little fun between shots and I've included a few of them here as well. We are a family who likes to have fun!

This is probably my favourite of the family shots... Nice composition, no one looking too dorky. The people are....
Back Row left to right... Bruce (my husband), me, Heather (oldest sister), Sandra (next oldest), Tim (Sandra's Husband)
Middle Row left to right... Alex (my oldest), Bev (Mom!), Casey (Sandra's oldest)
Front Row left to right... Matthew (my youngest), Rachael (Heather's only), Alexis (Sandra's youngest)

This is us having a little fun waiting for Rachael to set up the shot

And again...

Not our favourite pose, but a good lookin' family all the same

Not sure why everyone appears to be looking down my shirt.... something of interest I'm sure!

Got caught LOL!!

Another good photo....

And silliness to go with it.

Nana and the grandchildren

Just the women

Being silly...

Milo and Mommy

Milo waving HI!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

*Three of Three*

Hello everyone.... so sorry for being MIA the last few days. I'm trying to space out my posts as I only have a few left to share with you. And I'm on vacation at my Mom's in Saskatchewan right now and not making any cards. I'm going to have to find some time to craft when I get home!

We've had a good day today... better than I feared it would end up. This afternoon my Mom, two sisters and I finally went through all of the things that were in Dad's closet and dresser. He passed away in May 2006 and we packed all that stuff away into suitcases and out of the way in the summer of 2006. It wasn't nearly as emotional as I feared it would be. A few tough moments but otherwise good.

Before the tears we got all of the family together and my niece who is heading to Fanshawe College in the fall to take photography took a bunch of family photos. I'll have to share some of those cuz some of them turned out pretty good. It was a regret of all of ours that we weren't able to get family photos done the last time we were all together before Dad died... we were all here during the summer of 2005, had a photo session booked but had to cancel when Dad ended up in the hospital with congestive heart failure. We didn't want to let this opportunity pass us by.

And then tonight my sisters, Mom and I went to Bingo... a Sunday night tradition for Mom and Sandra and Heather and I join in when we are here. I won a total of $150 and spent about $50.... came out ahead. Had a great time yelling bingo so much!

Anyway.... on to the reason you are here... Card #3 from my Happy Birthday Card class at the Scrapbook Pantry.

This is a peek-a-boo card... the first one I've made that doesn't have a round peek-a-boo. I used the Cuttlebug and my Nestabilities to create the peek-a-boo portion of the card. The papers and stamped image are by Imaginisce and I added three square coloured metallic brads for a little visual interest. The peek-a-boo part of the card is mounted on the inside with pop dots.

Thanks again for stopping by.....
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

*Great Mail Today*

I received three great cards in the mail today....

On the far left is a RAK Back from my fellow CalGal Allison. A great Asian inspired card complete with a little bling.

In the centre is a stunning faux linen birthday card from Irene H from CST.

And on the right is a wonderful birthday card from Melinda P from CST.

Thanks so much ladies!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

*Number Two*

I have decided that the boss is not allowed to leave the store again on holidays or buying trips. As she and I are the only two who enter inventory into the computer, I have had two very busy days at the store.... days I wasn't even scheduled to work! LOL

Monday I was there for almost 5 hours (and managed to forget to take my son to his saxophone lesson) entering 8 boxes of new inventory. This morning I went in 90 minutes before the Happy Birthday Card class I was teaching to send off an email to our customers and had problems with that. I then taught my class, entered in two more orders that arrived (quick and easy ones) finished sending the email and came home. I'll be back at the store in an hour to teach my evening class.

I'm only kidding.... we're glad that Crystal feels confident enough to leave us behind and take care of things... and I'm glad I can be there to help as much as I can.

And a note to all the CALGARIANS reading my blog.... the store that I work at (The Scrapbook Pantry) is having a sale from now until Saturday... members will receive 25% off their entire purchase, non-members will get 15% off!!!! And we just got an order with Nestabilities, Doodlebug Glitter, Scor-Pal, Souffle Gel Pens.... a bunch of new stuff!

So, on to card #2 in a series of three for the Happy Birthday card class I am teaching. Again we have utilized the birthday line by Imaginisce for this card (all three cards in fact). This card is actually a gift card holder like I made HERE (the last one in that post). Instead of the word window punch on the inside we used part of a rectangle nestability.

Thanks for popping in... I'm off to grab a quick bite before heading back to the store!
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Monday, July 14, 2008

*First In A Series*

This is the first card in a series of three... it's part of a Happy Birthday card class I am teaching at The Scrapbook Pantry tomorrow. This is the first class in a long time that I am teaching something I designed. I was teaching classes designed by others for the last three months simply because I was having a tough time using the original products in the store to come up with ideas of my own. Now that Crystal has been stocking more stamping stuff and more product that I like, it's been alot easier.

I just realized that this photo doesn't have the totally finished card.... There is a ribbon on the insert to help you pull it out...

The Cardstock is Bazzill Bling, the Patterned Papers are by Imaginisce (and they have the most wonderful glitter on them!) The image is one in a set of three also by Imaginisce. This is a pocket card, very similar to the birth announcement I made here.

The cool thing with the card classes are have been teaching at the store is that we use a clear stamp set that we have in the store.... and each student gets to take that stamp set home!

I'm off to find my breakfast... I am expecting to be called in to work for a bit this morning to enter an order into inventory as the boss is out of town and I don't have a regular shift until Thursday (and we're the only two who do inventory).

Have a great day!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

*I'm SO Sorry*

I am one of those people who HATES the word verifcation on comments... unfortunately I've been hit with four spam comments in the last 20 minutes so I've had to turn it on. I'll take it off again in a few days and see if the spam quiets down.

Please don't stop posting comments!
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*Shimmer Birthday*

I guess I haven't been posting much of my own work lately, so I'll post again today with something I made!

I bought this great Stampendous stamp from The Scrapbook Pantry where I work... in fact, all of the items I used on this card (except the pencil crayons) I got at the store. It's a perfect image for colouring with your pencil crayons and blending it with stumps and odourless mineral spirits. The cardstock is all Bazzill Bling. I used some great glitter covered brads to finish it off.

I am submitting this card for Allison's AFSS25 Challenge, which was to use a word stamp as the main focus of your card.

Have a great weekend!!
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*Fun Stuff To Share*

I have been lucky in the mail department this week again. I love getting more than junk mail and bills in my mailbox!
I received this beautiful card from Deb Albright who is also participating (in fact organizing) the Blogger Pen Pal Round Robin that I am participating in at Splitcoast Stampers. Thank you so much for the beautiful card. That ribbon is stunning!

This card is another Pen Pal Round Robin card from Kelly Smith.... I love this colour combination. Stunning card... thanks Kelly!

I received this card from Tammy Fite who also playing in the Round Robin. Again, I really like how the colours work together on this card. Thanks Tammy!

This beautiful piece of artwork was given to me at work yesterday. My favourite little customers Madison and Lexis came into the store with their Mom yesterday. These two girls are just the sweetest. They come in and head straight to me for a hug before they head off to watch the TV we have for the kids in the store. They truly make my day! Their Mom, Merlie, is a really really nice lady and has some wonderful cards on her blog. On the back of the paper one of the girls wrote in kid-language (aka, just a bunch of lines) "thank you for giving us candy every day". They melt my heart I tell ya!

Thanks to everyone for the beauties I received this week!

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Monday, July 07, 2008


Just an update to my last post.... I said that Charly was busy waiting for the arrival of her first baby.... but according to Facebook, she's had the baby!!!!!!!! Please go on over to Charly's blog and leave her some love!!!

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*Let The Festivities Begin!*

I turn 38 later this month, and last week the birthday cards started coming in. I am one of those people who just LOVES their birthday... sure it means I'm another year older, but honestly I don't feel anything close to 37 so I'm OK with that.

My first card came last week and it included a package from Cindy Keery. She's selling off a bunch of her stamping stuff as she's moved away from card making and paper crafting (sniff sniff). I offered to buy the handful of Copic markers she was selling. They arrived, along with two UM stamps and a birthday card... what a great birthday present! Thanks so much for the lovely card and gift, Cindy.

My second card arrived today from Charly Weaver who is busy waiting the birth of her first baby! This giraffe is such a cutie-pie!!! Charly, I hope you are feeling well and taking some time to yourself over the next few days... your life is about to change (all for the better, I promise!!!)

Thanks so much ladies!!

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Hey all... having a grumpy morning so far today. I do the banking and business stuff for Bruce's business (he is self-employed and does computer storage system management, currently contracted to a large company on a long-term contract). Each month I am responsible for billing the customer for his hours, making payments to the government, paying out employee expenses, payroll.... and today, a combination of a stupid computer and me making little mistakes and I was ready th throw the entire kit and kaboodle out the freakin' window. Argh! I am not an accountant or a business manager by trade... what I know I have learned over the last 5 years. And honest? I hate my job LOL!

But, the day is still early, the sun is shining and I am off in a few minutes to get a pedicure and get my gel nails filled. I think I'll stop at Starbucks on the way.

I created this card more than a month ago to accompany the birthday gift I got for my SIL.... the card and the gift are still sitting at my house as Kelly's been out of town a lot and the times I've seen her husband (Bruce's brother) I've forgotten to take the gift. I'm hoping to get it to her soon!

Kelly is kind of a classy lady so I needed a kind of classy card. I am a big fan of black and white with a splash of colour so I thought that was what I'd do for this card. The patterend paper is by Imaginisce, the ribbon is from Michaels, the brad is from Imaginisce.... I used the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Folder on the white strip of cardstock. The sentiment is by Lizzie Anne Designs (Say It In Script).

I hope my Monday turns around.... and I hope you have an awesome Monday!
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

*Hot and Sunny*

It's been a hot and sunny day here in Calgary... the house is wickedly hot right now! Calgary doesn't often get hot enough to require air conditioning in homes, but on the hot days like this I do wish we had it. Our bedroom ends up being the hottest room in the house so sleeping is difficult.

I wonder how much a central air system would cost?

But please don't mistake this discussion as a complaint... I wouldn't trade this hot and sunny weather for anything! We only get a few months where this type of weather is even a possibility so there's no way you'll find me complaining!

The colour combination on the card I am sharing with you today was inspired by a card I saw on Laura Fredrickson's blog. I think I still like her interpretation of the colours better than what I pulled off, but I do like the card I created as well.

Items Used:
*Cardstock: Stampin' Up! Whisper White, So Saffron, Always Artichoke, Regal Rose
*Images: Stampin' Up! Time Well Spent; AMuse
*Ink: Palette Noir
*Tools: 1 1/4" and 1 5/8" paper punches, large oval punch
*Embellishments: bling
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